Petroservice Installs First Level 3 DC Fast Chargers

March 21st, 2024

To end 2023, Petroservice finished the installation of the company's first DC Fast Chargers along with level 2 chargers for Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority Casino locations.

Project Significance

This installation marks a milestone for both SIGA and Petroservice. For Petroservice, the successful completion of a DC Fast Charger installation is just the beginning of many more to come. You can never beat the importance of an experienced team when it comes to these types of projects. For SIGA, having charging station options will cater to existing and new customers who are early adopters to EV.

SaskPower’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program

The project gives SIGA EV Charging capabilities at three of their locations including the Painted Hand, Northern Lights and Golden Eagle casinos! SaskPower’s Electric Vehicle Infrastructure Program was created to equip eligible businesses with funding to help address the gap of EV charging infrastructure in the province. Through this programs funding through Natural Resources Canada, SIGA was able to pursue a location wide EV initiative.


Accompanying ChargePoint's CPF50 AC chargers, are their flagship level 3 DC Fast Chargers, the ChargePoint Express. These chargers are made to save space allowing for the smallest fast charging footprint while maintaining the maximum DC Fast Charger speeds. The components of this equipment are also positioned with serviceability in mind, allowing certified technicians easy access for maintenance work.

Thanks to our Petroservice team in Saskatchewan for the awesome quality of work through to completion.

SIGA plans on expanding its EV offerings to the rest of its locations in the coming year, giving EV owners peace of mind and convenience no matter what casino location they are visiting.
Petroservice is excited for the future of EV, and is always equipped to supply, install, and maintain.