About Petroservice

Petroservice is a service, distribution, installation and construction company in the petroleum and fluid handling industry, headquartered in Saint John, New Brunswick.

From the beginning, we’ve remained focused on striving to provide the best service in the industry – building our products and service offerings to consistently meet our customers’ needs and expectations.

Our story begins in 1985, when we were a business unit within what was then known as Commercial Equipment. In these early days, we were a team of four employees – learning the ropes and building expertise.

In 1992, we opened our first facility in Saint John focused on rebuilding gas pumps, acting as a central location for equipment distribution, and as home base for our service technicians. From this location, we stepped out on our own, and in 1998 officially became Petro Service Limited.  We are commonly referred to as Petroservice, our registered business name.

In our quest to provide next level service, we expanded our service offering in 2000 to include project management & construction capabilities and adding our Weights and Measures Accreditation in 2004. Petro Service Limited is accredited by Measurement Canada, an agency of Industry Canada, to perform inspections pursuant to the Weights and Measures Act.

We continue to plan and build for the future; the future of the industry, the future of our customers’ business needs.

JA Robinson Pump Service

In November 2017, J.A. Robinson Pump Service Ltd. joined the Petroservice family. Established in 1958 in Winnipeg, MB, J.A. Robinson Pump Service Ltd., specializes in the construction and maintenance of service stations, the business has grown to include many other services such as car wash construction & maintenance, tank testing and fuel management. Along with Manitoba, we also offer services within Northern Ontario, in cities like Thunder Bay.


Edmonton Pump Service

In February 2019, we continued our expansion into western Canada with the acquisition of Edmonton Pump Service Ltd.  Established in 1970, the St. Albert based company specializes in the installation and maintenance of petroleum equipment throughout northern Alberta.

K.W. Petroleum Services

K.W. Petroleum Services Ltd. joined the Petroservice team in August 2019.  The company, established in 1982, operates out of Saskatoon and Regina, Saskatchewan and specializes in the construction, installation and maintenance of petroleum and car wash equipment throughout western Canada.