Gasboy's NEW AtlasX Dispenser

March 26th, 2024

To start off 2024, Gasboy announced their new commercial fuel dispenser, the AtlasX. This new and modern commercial platform will leverage the reliability of legacy Atlas models while combining the innovation of the Encore retail line of dispensers.

Gilbarco Veeder-Root Encore Technology in the AtlasX

When designing the AtlasX, you can tell Gasboy has all aspects of the dispenser in mind from the installation to long term durability. Gasboy aims to provide a solid range of configurations and customization options for their customers while also maximizing site efficiency to help lower their carbon footprint.
The Atlas X now has more display options, allowing for added technology to match its new design facelift. With the ability to integrate with EKOS and PRIME technologies, the AtlasX is your go to option for fleet management.
Petroservice is excited to offer this new dispenser to commercial customers to utilize the technology that the AtlasX has to offer!